Experts in the printing trade for hotels

If its printing and advise for your hotel chain you are after then you have come to the right place.

SPC specialise in print products for hotels. Whether its NCR pads, Brochures, vouchers, key card wallets, banners, the list just goes on, we can supply it all. We also understand that when you require something urgently you need us to jump on it straight away and that’s what we do.

We have good experience working with hotels and are full of ideas to help you promote yourselves. SPC have also found several opportunities to save you money. Some on pricing, some on reducing resources and some purely by consolidating products and processes.

We can also offer you your own online portal.
This will be your bible where all your artwork is stored. Hotels can have their own individual login where they can order print, amend artwork, order from our pick and pack service. If required, head office can approve all orders and get a full report at any time on what individual hotels have ordered. This can work for single hotels or large chains. But with SPC there is no middle man you are dealing directly with the printer and your own dedicated contact working with you to save you money!

Please pick up the phone and lets talk about your up and coming projects or email us on We are here to help and make your job load lighter.

“SPC have saved us money and taken the burden out of ordering print.

With over 70 different high-end, technical printed products being ordered and delivered to 19 different hotels in our group, I was sceptical about changing supplier. However, Streets Process Colour has made the transition very easy and smooth, with excellent quality print to meet our brand requirements. The online ordering platform has integrated seamlessly.

They understand our needs to the letter, react quickly to our ever-changing requirements and are constantly working alongside us to come up with new ways to keep our print costs down and help us make savings while retaining brand quality and standards. We are delighted with their work to date.”

Sarah Hughan
Head of offline Marketing, De Vere Hotels

Below you will find samples of some of the work we have produced lately and hopefully some new ideas to help you promote your hotel.


Brochures get you orders. With our experoence we can help you design your brochures and advise you on the content. A well designed and printed brochure will get you business. Wheather you’re working on filling your wedding bookings, conferences or Christmas parties we can help.

Door hangers

Great for hanging outside bedroom doors. These can let your customers know when their room is being made up. When your clients would like to be left alone, to ordering a breakfast room delivery. One of our latest door hangers was “Our four-legged friend is still in the room”

Menus and Wine list

These can be produced in many different formats from a standard 4 page to triangular table talker menus which stand up and catch people’s eyes as they are passing. We are now able to supply menus printed on synthetic material which means when they get dirty, rather than just throw them away you can place them in the dishwasher and they come out looking brand-new!


Vouchers are another great product. These can be anything from gift vouchers brought by a customer treating a friend to a night’s stay, to a free drink because something hasn’t gone to plan or maybe a 20% off incentive if they book another stay in the next 3 months. Everyone loves a voucher.

Luggage bands

If customers have booked out but would like to leave their luggage with you this gives then security that their luggage is being accounted for and makes it easy for you to find on their return.


Maps will always get you great reviews. Everyone likes to know where they are going and what the best attractions are nearby. A single sheet or something that folds up and fits in their pocket works well.

Key card wallets

These obviously work well for keeping their key card safe. But you can use then to promote deals you have. There are four sides to a key card holder so use them to advertise. So many hotels miss this little trick.

Display items

There is no better way of showing your customers what offers and special events you have coming up. This can be with a large banner outside, rollups throughout your building. Floor standing A Frames, Foamex display and we now supply the new fabric displays

Direct Mail

Direct mail is making a big come back.
Did you know the open rate of a business to customer email is now down to 19.7% and 51% of all emails are deleted within 2 seconds!
Where a brochure sent in the post the open rate is 71% and of that 56% will interact with it.
10 years ago this was very different. But customers are now saying they would prefer direct mail to an email. People like the touch and feel of direct mail.
If you want results speak with us. We can help you with your direct mail complain.

Hopefully we have given you a few ideas. But here at SPC we have so much more to give.

So, pick up the phone and let’s help you with your next project.